Issue 9
Skaters in order of appearance: Tim Lamb, Sam Horne, Paolo Emano, Mike B, K Turn, Hampton Boyer, Pat Yagow, and Forrest.

  Issue 8
Boarders in order of first appearance: Mike B, Mike M, DJ, CJ, Waterfield, Tim Lamb, Patrick Yagow, Sam Horne, Chuck Illes, and Hampton Boyer.

  Issue 7
Shredders:  John "headlock" Waterfield, Mike Brown, Charlie Illes, Chris V, and Mike Matthews.

Click here to download the full length video. - CJ

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Here is some film I have shot over the past few months that won't be used in our upcoming video.  So I figured I would make a little montage out of it, threw some other stuff in there as well. - CJ
  Mostly A Montage-
Filmed and edited by: Templeton Elliott
Neil Wood, Tyler Tufty, Trey Winslow, Brendan Ash, Temp Elliott, Matt Ward, Colt, Mic Sweat, Shawn Owens, John Chaplain, Mike Beiter, Angelo Lee
It's the newest edition to the trout, hopefully it will entertain you all until our video is done.  This section will be filled with as many park montages, weird videos and funny interviews as I can come up with. - CJ 
   Issue 6
Rippers: John Waterfield, Tim Lamb, Brad Bentz, CJ Congrove, Mike Matthews, Charlie Illes
Filmed by: CJ, Slagoe and Mike B
   Issue 5
Shredders: John Waterfield, Justin Adams, CJ Congrove, Mike Brown, Mike Matthews, Brad Bentz, Paolo Emano, Tim Lamb, Kyle Wian, Aden Smith, Shane Mckeown
Filming: CJ, Tflow, Mike B/M
   Gallery- Adam Slagle
Here is another round of photos from Slagoe.  He even took a picture of himself.....he's good.
   Issue 4
Skaters: Paolo Emano, John Waterfield, CJ Congrove, Mike Brown, Brandon Hobbs, Shane Mckeown, Tim Lamb, Adam Slagle, Sam Horne, Dusty Larwa, Mike Matthews, Kyle Wian,  and Charlie Illes
Filming: CJ, Slagoe, Mike B and Sam Horne
   Issue 3
Shredders: John Waterfield, Paolo Emano, Shane Mckeown, CJ Congrove, Kyle Wian, Charlie Illes, and Aden Smith
Filming: CJ, Tflow, and Slagoe
   Issue 2
Skaters in order of appearance: Paolo Emano, Mike Brown, Kyle Wian, John Waterfield, Aden Smith, and Shane Mckeown
Filming: CJ Congrove and Tflow

The Other "Mike", Mike Matthews
The wait is's time to find out what goes through Mike's head.  Not to mention watch what he has filmed in the past 3 weeks. Its a pretty amazing part for the time frame.  So come experience the radness.
  Everyone's favorite indoor park- WISC
Here's some fun wisc footy, thanks to Jed at Antigravity for keepin the place open for us.
Skaters: John Waterfield, Mike Brown, CJ Congrove, and Aden Smith
  "That Guy"- Mike Brown
I think we all know who "that guy" is....You know, lots of wallrides and crail slides. So find out what goes through that guys head and read Mike's interview and check out his video part.
  Issue 1
Skaters in order of appearance: Paolo Emano, Sam Horne, CJ Congrove, Charlie Illes, Mike Matthews, and John Waterfield
Filmed by: CJ, Slagoe and Mike B
  Gallery - Adam Slagle
Here is some photography by my main man Slagoe. You might recognize some of the stuff from our recent video "Good News", but there is also some newer stuff in there so enjoy.