October 8- Tim and I are big fans of The Berrics, so when the "Bang yoself!" contest came up, we decided to make a video for it.  Here is our offering.- CJ

P.S.  If you miss the daily trout updates, start reading ChristianLambs instead.

August 26- Check out some behind the scenes footage from Issue 9.- CJ
Photo: Wheel

August 21- Issue 9 is done, yayyy!- CJ
Photo: This is a bridge.

July 30- RIP Tommy.- CJ

July 20- Plenty of coverage for this one.- CJ

July 17- Tim's first broken board ever.- CJ
Photo: Cars on dogs.

June 14- Is raw footage interesting enough to post on the internet?
Photo: Started raining, and same broke his toe-shit

June 6- I've been going skating without my camera a lot lately, which probly isn't what you guys wanna hear.  It has been pretty fun and refreshing, and not having to carrying camera, lights, etc opens up new transportation options.- CJ
Photo: Dibs!

May 22- We've been shredding. Scope some outtakes!- CJ
Photo: Flick Smith Steeze.

May 20- Tim Lamb is broken.  Can't stop him from shredding whilst slung.- CJ

May 12- I'm back.  We missed the Trout's 3rd birthday in the hiatus.  So happy B-day trout (I got you a new banner, hope you like it).  I graduated from college too.- CJ
Photo: Stupid stick got in the way

March 24- I hate text messaging.  Touché, Tim.- CJ
Photo: Woodland reunion sesh.  Nick Flanders and Paolo were there!

March 6- If you thought all of the drawings on the SwimTeam discs were cool, go check out Tim's blog.  It's full of assorted art items made by Tim, and he probably updates more frequently than me.- CJ
Photo: How hot are they?

March 1- Well, we didn't really film much today, but we got outtakes!- CJ
Photo: O.G. NN crew, minus Tim and Toes.

February 21- Whoa...Peep hole pix rule.- CJ
Photo: "Lets paint a picture of our van, on the side of our van"

February 19- Uh oh...- CJ
Photo: Shit's weak, wizeak

February 17- No news, but I have photos, so I have to write something here...- CJ
Photo: Max, Ellie

February 16- I wasn't even aware that Endless Grind was in the process of making a video, but it looks as though they have a pretty sick one on the way.- CJ
Photo: Portable Timelapse Studio (PTS)

February 14- Happy Valentines day....ew.- CJ
Photo: See Tim, see Tim tweak.

February 11- Issue 8!  We rip!!- CJ

February 8- Right when the skate plaza was built, someone asked me if I was going to film some sweet park montages there.  My response was something like "not right now, it's a little hectic, but maybe one day."  Well that day was today.- CJ

February 2- I went up to Richmond yesterday and skated with Tim Lamb and some friends.  We talked shit, skated, Tim kicked his board at my camera, and then crashed trying to invent some sweet new flip trick down stairs.  See what I mean?- CJ
Photo: Post-Carnage

January 28- I was separated from my digital camera for a while recently, and I was pretty bummed.  As usual, I bought film and took pictures of dogs to ease the pain.  Thankfully it has been recovered, and life can resume as usual.- CJ
Photo: ...and to make it an all Nibs post...

January 21- I'm sick... it's lame.  I've resorted to reading books, playing video games, and updating The Trout.- CJ
Photo:  Post it

January 20- I find that a lot of people on the internet use the term "we" when describing their website... Like "we have been working on lots of things."  It always makes me think there are teams of developers in some office building working 24/7.  Well, The Trout is just "me," which explains the lack of updates.- Me
Photo: This is old, think I shot it out of the window of Mike M's car.

January 2- Ahhh unemployment... it is a bit odd at first, but I think I could get used to it.  I'm not sure if you can really go on vacation if you don't have a job, but I've been sitting around in NC; going surfing, playing pool, and shooting timelapses.  Check out Temp's new montage; also, get stoked on yet another return of Post22.- CJ

December 25- Merry Christmas.- CJ
Photo: Who wants to call their bluff?

December16- As I finished packing up the remaining assets of the company I work for the other day, I realized I should probably start looking for a job.  I am graduating from ODU with a Communication Degree in the spring and I have been doing video encoding for web delivery for the past 2 years, but I am pretty open to new job fields.  If anyone has any leads, email me.  Thanks.- CJ

December 11- It seems like a lot of skate videos I've seen lately have lacked that certain "awesomeness" we all look forward to seeing in a video.  Thankfully, Fully Flared has finally arrived and put this trend to rest.  Be sure to bring your extra long attention span though, cus the video is an hour and a half long.- CJ
Photo: Odd couple

December 6- ThisIsVB has been around for a while, but they are just now getting to their first proper montage.  Check it out.- CJ
Photo: Studio

November 22- Happy Thanksgiving.  Check out the premier of the Osiris video tomorrow night at Hell's Kitchen in Norfolk.- CJ
Photo: Creepy

November 19- Dear God, please save my Ipod.  Thanks.- CJ

November 9- ThisIsVB just updated their site with a new montage of footage that didn't make the cut for their video.  There is still some high quality stuff in there, so go scope it.- CJ
Photo: Cornered cat...he doesn't look worried.

November 6- Oink.cd, the premier user driven music torrent site, has been shut down.  If you're interested in the digital media rights debate, read this article about it.  It is a bit lengthy, but worth it.  If you like to download music, and think there should be a better way for artists to distribute it, and fans to legally acquire it, then at least read the last few paragraphs towards the end before the comments.- CJ
Photo: Weekend home (once again, rockin trout graphics on pit bike)

October 11- Some friends of mine from Idaho are working on a video for Prestige Skate Shop, check it out here and get stoked.- CJ
Photo: Tree

October 10- Radiohead knows how to do things right.  They've stuck it to the man big time, in a classy way.  Go to their site and download their new album, it costs however much you wanna pay.- CJ 
Photo: Barn Floor

October 7- This is what your sessions look like when you're old and washed up.- CJ
Photo: How can you caption this?

September 25- More news from ThisIsVB.  They are premiering their new video this Friday.  I've had a little sneak peak and it looks sick, so go check it out.  Get teased here.- CJ
Photo: Mini bike in my car, check the custom trout graphics

September 17- I'm kinda late on this one, but check out the Josh Merkert video part over on ThisIsVB.com.  It's pretty sick.- CJ
Photo:  I climbed to the top of this silo, which was pretty gnarly because I'm not stoked on heights

August 29- I've only seen Viewpoint once from the original master off Temp's camera, so I'm pretty excited that he is hosting it up part by part on his blog.  If you don't know, Viewpoint is a video Temp made in 2001, which is like a millennium ago in skateboard years, and its sick.  So head on over and enjoy.- CJ
Photo: How embarrassing, they all showed up in the same outfit.

August 8- After a discussion with Temp about the gender of the androgynous lead singer of The Organ, I started researching the band.  This is when I noticed that the lead singer (female) looks exactly like our favorite photog Adam Slagle.  Awesome. - CJ

July 31- The Simpsons movie didn't disappoint, and I thought this was quite clever, especially in my case.- CJ
Photo: I don't take many portraits

July 30- I know I've linked here before, but just incase you forgot, head on over to Temp's blog and check out his new park montage.- CJ
Photo: It's easy to wake up early enough to see the sunrise when you sleep in your car.

July 22- John Waterfield has changed, he got a real job, moved to DC, started seeing live shows, and now he is texting me about them.  I'm sure he will email me tomorrow about how 'weak' it was that I posted this.- CJ
Photo: This photo looked better as a thumbnail

July 20- You can see a lot of really crazy, random, ridiculous things on the internet, which is part of why I love it so much.  This clip is an embodiment of its awesomeness.- CJ 
Photo: "Pics of me" comin out of oak tree at VIR

July 19- ThisIsVB.com is releasing their latest video part by part via internet.  This week is Tom Landess, head on over and enjoy.- CJ
Photo: Trespassing

July 13- AIH is seriously weird, and strangely captivating.- CJ
Photo: Three Mike's in the back seat

July 11- Happy late birthday, weirdo.- CJ
Photo: The paddock

July 4- I wonder if the people in the DMV represent and even sample of the population.  If so, I'm scared.- CJ
Photo: I thought my birthday card was pretty funny.

June 29- I was watching the Momentum Wheel video tonight, (which I would recommend you watch as well) when I saw this shot and thought 'man someone must really hate C. Williams.'  After my extensive google search on C. Williams and why someone would hate him yielded nothing, I went back to watching the video again.  This is when I realized the message said "I Hate Civilians," and I felt a little stupid for not knowing how to read.  These updates are getting ridiculous, I apologize.- CJ

June 27- I'm thinking of starting a "Don't Go Skateboarding Day," it would be on the same day as "Go Skateboarding Day."  My main goal would be to try to dissuade the same number of people from going skating that "Go Skateboarding DAY"  persuades to go skating, so it would just be like any other day.  In turn, we would all learn that mainstream publicity will do nothing good for skateboarding.  So everyone lay low and tread lightly.- CJ
Photo: I am updating from my laptop and don't have many photos on here, but I did find this.

June 26- Check out the new Element Video, it is surprisingly good.  Nyjah Huston is nuts.- CJ
Photo: These guys always elude my camera, thankfully my pal Erin had her camera and was able to capture the moment.  Norfolk PD at its finest. 

June 18- Happy birthday Mike B! (I think I'm a day late)- CJ
Photo: Cars Go Fast

June 13- The Fleezers deliver the goods, as usual.- CJ
Photo: Mike is totally about to pull an ollie-sit-down air over this gap.

June 11- "So, are you just going to jump down it, or like, actually try and do a skateboarding trick down it?" - John Waterfield
Photo: I bet whoever is trying to finish this puzzle is bummed.

June 10- Some scum of the earth, lowlife, thieves stole my motorcycle.  I'll be glad to leave Norfolk.- CJ
Photo: Double  Trouble

June 3- I was browsing Post Secret this evening when I came across this entry.  Looks like the spot will be blown up now.- CJ
Photo: Steps

May 28- I am a bit of a Family Guy fanatic.  This clip from last week lead me to look up this guy, and now I can't get the song out of my head.  The 80's were awsome- CJ
Photo: Moon

May 23- My friend shot a few music videos for local rap artist Big Kev.  Aside from a lot of really funny stories to tell, he also got some these sweet shirts out of the deal.  Who dem talk bout?- CJ
Photo: Scoob

May 19- If you're bored, check out this Issue 7 behind the scenes clip.  If you have better things to do, I'd recommend doing those things rather than watching this clip.- CJ
SwimTeam Cover: 12/200

May 18- John was lurking hard at the session tonight.  He didn't even bring shoes.  I let him use my digital camera while I was filming.  Most of his photos came out like this, but he did manage to get this one.- CJ
SwimTeam Cover: 110/200

May 15- I know it's been a while since we had one of these, but go check out Issue 7!  See, we do still skate... sometimes.- CJ
Photo: Carnival
SwimTeam Cover:

May 12- "So I went home and googled 'how to break out of a headlock'" -John Waterfield.
SwimTeam Cover: 4/200

May 8- Tim Lamb drew on all the SwimTeam discs, and I tried to take pictures of most of them.  Now that they are all gone, I figure I'll start posting the photos up here, because I really enjoy them and you should too.- CJ
Photo: We had a floor mat to stand on at the concert...odd.
SwimTeam Cover:

May 6- My brother and I came across this fresh shipwreck today, unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera and resorted to cell phone photography.  I hate forgetting my camera.- CJ
Photo: The cause of most wars.

May 5- "No news is good news," I don't think that applies here.- CJ
Photo: The beach

May 3- This is what the Arcade Fire looks like recorded thru my digi cam.- CJ
Photo: How the hell am I gonna get outa here?

April 27- Head on over to ThisIsVB.com and check out another sick Woodstock montage.- CJ
Photo: This hurts my brain

April 26!!!- PavementTrout is 2 years old today!  In celebration, our full length video "SwimTeam" is now available for download.  Click it in the media section for details.- CJ

April 23- Whoever designed the kitchen in my apartment was not concerned with safety.  They put the only electrical outlet directly over the sink, forcing me to have this unsafe setup for my toasting and microwaving needs.- CJ
Photo:  Happy Birthday Matthews!

April 19- While most people are stressing out over final projects and exams, Mike B is drawing pictures of me in his accounting classes.- CJ
Photo: Recording day

April 18- The Books have a very interesting website.- CJ
Photo: School sucks, I'd rather be here.

April 17- Sad day in Blacksburg yesterday, condolences to those who lost someone.- CJ
Photo: Tonight

April 15- Take a gander at this pretty sick almost.  Maybe next time.- CJ
Photo: This is an old one

April 14- Matthews, Waterfield, and I did not go to jail for possession of cocaine or crystal meth, but geeze, we were close.  Here is John telling the story.- CJ

April 11- I'm a bit late on this one, but if you haven't seen Me And You And Everyone We Know, you should.  It is quite different and interesting.- CJ
Photo: This is a photo of a small child swinging a stick at a piñata. (check out that sweet n with the squiggly thing over it).  And so is this.

April 10- Paolo Emano...where is he these days?  Here is an old clip I found of him on my computer.  Circa 2004.- CJ
Photo: Movies

April 9- I have included PavementTrout in my latest job application...let's hope they like it.- CJ
Photos: Foot, John is blurry.

April 5- Chris Holocombe is coming out with a video called "The Boring Life." (click the blue stuff to watch the trailer) -CJ

April 4- Kickflip filmer grab is my favorite trick.- CJ
Photo: Found these old photos buried on my external drive.

April 3- Mike B and I both got worked on this wallie.- CJ

April 1- Sam Horne would have totally snagged this DP off this moving truck.- CJ
Photo: I like these

March 30- Words can't describe how much I love this photo.- CJ
Photo: How can you be so sure?

March 27- I am once again generating power, portably.- CJ
Photo: Breakfast on the road.

March 25- I was gone, but I am back now.- CJ
Photo: I shot these while I was gone.

March 19- I shot this a while ago, but I like how it came out/together.- CJ
Photo: wood

March 17- We stopped by the new skate plaza today which looks to be pretty much complete, but it's not open yet.  What a downer.- CJ
Photo: How to stay warm while filming.

March 16- Whenever I go to the library, I usually spend most of my time daydreaming and taking pictures.  Oh yeah, we have been doing some filming lately, maybe an issue will materialize someday.- CJ
Photo: I'm currently listening to Butter 08

March 13- Spring Break is over, I went here and here...guess I should have stopped for better photos.- CJ
Photo: Fire

March 12- I just thought you guys should know this.- CJ
Photo: You Decide.

February 25- Guess who got tickets to see Arcade Fire?....It was me.- CJ
Photos: 240-1, 240-2

February 15- I see John a lot at school this semester.  Saw him in a computer lab today. -CJ
Photo: I wonder where she is now....

February 14- Happy Valentines DayPost Secret is the best V- Day related website.- CJ
Photo:  Surfs up...bro

February 11- Whew, one month exactly for an update this time.  I went skating last weekend, and filming!  Maybe there will be an Issue 7 after all.- CJ
Photo:  I really want to read this book

January 11- Sweet, I held out for over a month, sorry about that.  Here is a park montage, hope you enjoy.- CJ
Photo:  I saw this on the ground a block from my apartment, thankfully it was pointing the other way.

December 6- If you haven't already been, go to www.fairwellclothing.com.  Mise well buy some things while you are there. - CJ
Photo: Tim and his gf.

November 29- Chris Holocombe has alerted me of the PokerMarvin video premier this Friday.  Go check it out.- CJ

November 25- Go to VaFleezers and enjoy their new montage, cus it's sick.- CJ
Photo: Dismal

November 24- If you're tired of looking at my crappy photos and want to look at good ones, go to Slagoe's Flickr.  Very good stuff.- CJ
Photo: John

November 19- Some low life, scum of the earth, asshole, thief  stole my generator off my balcony... That's all the news I have.- CJ
Photo: Small Dog v.2

November 15- I dropped off some more copies of SwimTeam at 17th Street in NN, and Mike's in Hampton.  So go get them before they are gone.  I am going to drop of some more at Sole Brother in a few minutes. - CJ
Photo: Can I put my feet out the window?

November 6- Check out this SwimTeam promo.- CJ
Photo: Road

November 1-  I dropped off some SwimTeams at 17th Street in NN, Mikes in Hampton, and Sole Brother over the weekend.  So check out those places to see if they still have any copies left if you don't already have one.  Next batch that gets done will go to the same places and it looks like there will also be some available at Cardinal in VB. -CJ
Photo: Small Dog

October 26- Whatsup gang, How you guys likin SwimTeam? I am hoping to make it around to some shops this weekend to drop off some more copies, so look for them at Mikes in Hampton, Sole Brother in Norfolk, and 17th in NN.  I'll update the news after I have dropped them off at each place.  There is one copy at Mikes now, so you can probly go in there and watch it if you are so inclined, but I doubt they would give it to you.  Stay tuned.- CJ

October 18- SwimTeams are going quick, I am almost through my first 50.  It has been cool to see people from out of state wanting the video, looks like I may be shipping more videos that I anticipated, but there's nothing wrong with that.  If you live in/around Norfolk and haven't been able to get a hold of me to get a video, go to Sole Brother on 20th street.  I am going to be dropping of some copies there today around 11:30.  Be sure to ASK FOR ONE, cus you won't be able to get one if you don't ask.  They're still free of course, just trying to keep them a little concealed so trout fans can have first dibs.  I am going to try and set up a similar deal at more skate shops soon (Mikes in Hampton and 17th Street in NN).  I gave Waterfield some videos to hand out around VB, so if you live in VB, look for him.  That's all for now, stay tuned.- CJ

October 16- SwimTeam is upon us!!!!!  Here's the deal, there are 200 original SwimTeam DVDs, all numbered with original artwork by Tim Lamb and friends (here is number 11).  But please feel free to copy the DVD!  How can you get one?  For right now, I am just going to be giving them out to whoever I see and whoever comes to get one...some may end up in shops eventually.  If you want to come pick one up you can meet me at my apartment or my office (both are in Norfolk), you can IM me at "CJCongrove" to arrange the time and place.  Will I mail them?  I would rather not, but If you live far away or don't have means to go get one, write me an email and I will give you my address so you can send me a small donation to cover shipping.  Whew, lotta information in there.- CJ

October 13- I know I said that  SwimTeams would be ready this weekend, but, I am a liar.  Motorcycle trip time, be back Sunday.- CJ

October 11- Here is the latest SwimTeam news.  I've decided...to hell with a premier, how bout I just give you a video and you go have your own little private premier, hell, invite some friends if you want.  I still need to print and cut covers, so after that is taken care of, they will be ready to go.  Look for them this weekend, I'll post up more details on where/when you can get one as I decide. -CJ

October 5- Due to a minor hangup in production...no SwimTeam premier this weekend.  Perhaps next weekend, if I can even find a place to do it.  Who knows, I may just scratch the whole idea and start giving out videos.  Stay tuned.- CJ

October 3- Templeton copied this email from the VB government to me this morning about the upcoming VA Beach skate plaza.  Very exciting news, check out the plans here.- CJ

October 1- I created the first ever SwimTeam DVD today.  Get ready for the premier this coming weekend.  I will have more details soon, stay posted.- CJ

September 29- I got the last of the necessary SwimTeam supplies in today.  Duplication should begin next week and be done shortly after!  Now we need a spot for a premier, if you have any ideas or a possibility for a good spot, email me.  All we need is a big white wall and room for people to stand around, and it has to be free of course.
SwimTeam: slightly better than a kick in the teeth- CJ

September 23- SwimTeam is done! Well...kindof.  Finished the actual video today, now its time for DVD menu building, bonus, printing, burning, and other stuff I'm forgetting.  Free SwimTeams coming!  My financial loss = your gain! - CJ

September 18- Wow.  That was a long time without updating...sorry.  Been busy working on SwimTeam.  It's coming! - CJ

September 5- Here are some questions I've been asked a lot lately:
How's the video comin?
-Good, I'm trying to finish editing it
When is it going to be out?
-I am hoping for October 1st...but I have a lot of DVD's to burn...we'll see
Can I have one?
- Of course you can have one, everyone can have one, they are fuckin free....get stoked
Will there be a promo?
-Probly not, just watch theB -Roll, it even says SwimTeam in there if you look real close.

SwimTeam: for fuckin free- CJ


August 27- Back to school...damn.  SwimTeam - CJ

August 22- Good news out of Norfolk?  Me and Mike B got off pretty easy on our tickets, the charges will be dismissed if we don't screw up in the next 6 months (cross your fingers).  Also, I saw this link over on 757.  Rock on Sebastian, whoever you are.- CJ

August 20- Mike B and I are headed to court tomorrow to stick it to the man... Hopefully we don't get locked up.- CJ
Photo: Birds

August 16- Welp, Mt. Trashmore skatepark caught fire last night.  Arson is suspected....no wonder people hate skateboarders so much.  Story here.- CJ

August 14- Sam Horne serving on a Grand Jury?  I'm not even sure what to think about that.- CJ

August 7- Last Night:
-Charlie lost some teeth
-I got a summons warning
-Charlie got a trespassing warning
- I got a ride home from a cop
SwimTeam: It'll knock your fucking teeth out- CJ

August 6- "SwimTeam" (our video) is coming soon..... Get stoaked.- CJ
Photo: Skate trip scenery?

July 31- I just watched this Bueno promo video and was really stoaked on Gutterman and Broussard's parts, so scope it.  I steal my news from Temp's Blog.- CJ

July 26- The ADIO team will be visiting Trashmore on their East Coast Tour.  Wednesday,  August 9th at 5pm.  There is a signing before the demo at 17th Street in VB at 2PM.  But don't get your hopes up too much...Bam won't be there.- CJ

July 21- My brother got married yesterday!  Congrats Mike and Heather.- CJ

July 18- I still have yet to go skateboarding in fear of my ticket streak continuing, which is bad.  Although it does leave time for doing things like this.  Chairs Don't J-Walk.- CJ

July 14- King of the Road/Sites is being postponed due to rain.  Maybe next weekend?- CJ
Photo: Firework

July 13- King of the Road is scheduled for this weekend in Raleigh.  The teams are The Fleez, 757, WhatTheDamn (?), and of course, The Trout.  Looks to be a fun time.  In other news, I am expanding my (somewhat) daily photo section to include other things for you to look at that.  Enjoy.- CJ
Thing to look at: Mouse

July 10- I can't wait until I finish this video so I can quit skateboarding.  Mike B and I made it 2 for 2 tonight, and picked up another skateboarding ticket.  What are the chances of that?  Who can get that unlucky.  I don't even know what else to say... ridiculous.- CJ
Photo: My Two Tickets and the receipt from my confiscated footage

July 10- Welp, I picked up my 4th skateboarding related ticket last night.  I'm gonna have quite a little record going here.  Me and Mike B were partners in crime.  The footage from the night was also confiscated, so pretty much nothing good came from the experience, except for the mini tripod Mike gave me.- CJ
Photo: Ticket and Tripod

July 9- We had planned to go to Richmond today, but its almost 12 and I haven't heard from anyone, so it's not looking good.  Maybe I'll get to watch the World Cup final after all.- CJ
Photo: My Crib

July 5- We went skating yesterday, it was like a billion degrees.  At least I have the internet at my new apartment now.- CJ
Photo: 101

July 3- Welp, since I don't have internet at my new place yet, I set up the trout headquarters at work.  I moved this weekend and skated some, moving sucks.  Today is my birthday.  I'm 21, let's get wasted.- CJ

June 29- Word on the street is that the local skate video "11th Hour" by TFlow and Mike Matthews is finally releasing.  So head on over to Relative Theory Records in downtown Norfolk on July 8th at 8PM.  The place is a little hard to find if you've never been before, Look for the double glass doors next to a short black metal fence.  Go inside and walk up the stairs to the left.- CJ 
Photo: Sun

June 21- Apparently today was "Go Skateboarding Day."  I'm not really sure what that means, but I did not go skateboarding today, so I guess I messed it up.  I did however watch some rad skating via the Fleez.  Go check out Pat's part that was originally meant for the Thrills video.- CJ

June 18- Trout supporter/ contributor Templeton Elliott is getting married today.  Congrats Temp and Kellie.- CJ

June 15- The new 411 videos are really good.  Remember all the long ads and boring interviews/contest footage?  Gone.  Now they are just good videos.  Check out issue 14.2 if you get a chance.  Then go kickflip El Toro.- CJ
Photo:  N.C.

June 11- Mike B went to jail... I might have to do a little trout interview about this one.  We went to Raleigh this weekend and skateboarded, John did tricks.  I video taped them.- CJ

June 6- I really like these Honda Element commercials.  My favorites are the crab and the opossum.- CJ

June 4- Irvine Sucks.  Go scope it and watch their montages, they are good.- CJ
Photo: Storm

May 25- Head over to the garbage section and check out WarmWater.- CJ
Photo: Back Seat

May 24- Whatsup gang.  It's been a while since I've updated due to the crash of my internet computer.  I'll be holding it down from my editing computer until I can get that taken care of.  We've been skating and filming as usual, and I'm stoaked to say that the Trout got a little linkage on Crailtap in the "Sanger Sings" column.  Also, long time Trout supporter/contributor, T-Flow, has reserved his own spot on the web to explore all kinds of skate/T-Flow related topics.  WhatTheDamn.Com.- CJ

May 14- I ain't gonna lie, I watch Grey's Anatomy, and I like it.  Tonight's episode rocked, and the 2 hour season finale is tomorrow night.  I know where I'm gonna be from 9pm-11pm.- CJ 

May 11- The Contrast Video, out of NC, is out.  You can order a copy from their site, you can also watch the intro to the video, which is insane.  Scope it.- CJ

May 6- Here is a little clip of John from the other night.  All these tries were in the couple minutes after we got kicked out.- CJ

May 5- Happy Birthday Tim Lamb!  Man, I'm using way too many exclamation points lately, I need to relax.- CJ
Photo: Tim, I want my sweatshirt back.

May 4- Summer!  I Finished up my last presentation today, and that marks my third complete year in college.  Maybe I'll start updating the site daily again, who knows.  -CJ
Photo: MGB is broken

May 1- Stole this right outa Temp's Blog.  Check out this Beautiful Losers Documentary full of skate/surf influenced and related art.- CJ
Photo: Skis eh?

April 26-
PavementTrout is one year old!!! Maybe we will have a party or somthin...  Thanks for checkin out the site everyone, it's been a good year.- CJ
Photo: Water

April 25- Dang, sorry Matthews, I missed your birthday.  So, happy birthday Mike M. (2 days ago).- CJ
Photo: Mike M. loves surfing!

April 23- Pavementtrout's first birthday is comin up!!  So don't forget to send the trout a card or something.  It's April 26, in case you forgot.- CJ
Photo:  Save it.

April 20- Tim Lamb sent me a chain text message today.  Not cool.  You know what else isn't cool, how Tim got mono, and then broke his collar bone right after.  Not good for skateboarding.- CJ
Photo: This dog realllly liked me.

April 19- I've posted about Directions a few times before.  The DVD came out the other day and it is pretty interesting, there are interviews with the filmmakers and other people.  Not to mention its only 12 bucks, can't beat that.- CJ

April 16- We went to Raleigh this weekend, but it wasn't too great.  I'd say the coolest part was seeing a bald eagle flying 50 feet from our car. -CJ
Photo: Lack of Motivation

April 13- John Waterfield is a liar.  He calls me everyday and says "yeah man lets get up and skate later, I'll give you a call at like 9."  Never calls back...ever, I think he might just be doing it to mess with me now. Who knows.- CJ

April 12- I keep seeing lame Norfolk cops riding around on Segways, but I'm never quick enough to get a picture...I'll be ready next time.- CJ

April 8- I'm listening to the new Built to Spill album via VH1.  It doesn't come out for another couple days.  Rad.- CJ
Photo: The Road

April 6- Weather is getting nicer, days are getting longer, hopefully that will yield more skating.- CJ
Photo: Reel

April 3- Happy birthday Sam Horne.- CJ
Photo: Traffic

April 2- UNCtv rocks.  Visions (short film showings), followed by a Flaming Lips concert, you can't beat that.  Its channel 6 at my house, but I'm pretty sure you don't even need cable to get it, so do some channel surfing and find it.- CJ
Photo: Don't forget to change your clocks!

April 1- I could make some kind of lame April fools joke like "I'm quitting pavement trout," but I'll just tell you guys that there is a new park montage in the garbage section.- CJ

March 31- From what I hear there is a contest at Proam in Hampton tonight.  Starts at 5, I think.- CJ
Photo: Physics

March 30- Emerica's "Wild Ride," looks like a pretty rad idea.  The idea of a motorcycle skate tour has always interested me, but it looks like this one is open to anyone.  Should get interesting.- CJ

March 28- Andy Howell, artist/skateboarder,  is having a book signing and exhibition in Norfolk.  Its on April 8th at Commonwealth, 8pm.- CJ
Photo: Clouds

March 27- This is the single best news story I have ever seen....ever.- CJ

March 25- We managed to escape the rain today and have a pretty sweet pool sesh.- CJ
Photo: Pool

March 22- I'm Back!  I took a little vacation from the trout, which you probly noticed.  Never mind that, the Enjoi video is excellent, go find it and watch it.  And the title rocks.- CJ
Photo: Photo

March 10- I had a dream last night where I filmed Paolo do a line with a switch 540 of this kicker bump thing.  It was weird, and very vivid.  What ever happened to Paolo?.- CJ
Photo: There were mad bums lurking when I took this.

March 8- Skate Plaza!  There is a meeting tonight in Virginia Beach at 7pm at the Kempsville Recreation Center to discuss the possibility of a skate plaza in VB.  (800 Monmouth Lane in Virginia Beach).  Go read Temp's Blog about it for more info.  Come out to the meeting, the more the better, I will be there.- CJ

March 5- Spring break is here!  We celebrated with a typically crappy trip to Richmond.  I think I'm just gonna become a vert skater.- CJ
Photo: The Dump

March 3- 6 Strait hours of working on PavementTrout?  It may result in a new montage and interview.  So check out the B-Roll, and Temps interview.- CJ

March 2- Check out the garbage section for an interview with Templeton.  Stay tuned for more updates, video is on the way.- CJ
Photo: Sweet ad

February 27- Mike Matthews has found himself a new board sponsor in Drama Skateboards.  Head on over and check out their site.  Sole Brother should be carrying their boards soon, so you can pick one up there in the near future.- CJ
Photo: Mike n' Sam

February 26- Toy Machine is working on another video, which makes me very happy.  Good and Evil is a personal favorite of mine.  Scope their site, it's entertaining.- CJ
Photo: Where's the spot?

February 23- Got some fun interviews on the way, stay tuned....  I found today's photo while I was flipping through my physics coursepack and studying, I thought the title was funny. - CJ
Photo: How to Die

February 20- Nothing to update really, but I just wanted to post this photo with this title.- CJ
Photo: Traded some kid in town the van for it, strait up

February 19- The new video "What We Do Is Secret," will be premiering in Richmond at the Nanci Raygun.  Click that link for date and time.  Check out the old promo and the new one, looks to be a really good video.  The video was made by Kevin O'dell, who also made the Wolfpack video a while back.  You can get a copy through paypal by emailing Kevin, or just go to the premier and pick one up.- CJ

February 16- The new content I promised is here!  A montage from my friend and co-worker Templeton Elliott.  You can see what he does at work all day here, at his blog, and you can see what he's been filming lately by watching "Mostly a Montage."- CJ
Photo: Work

February 15- Check garbage, and be prepared to see something horrid.- CJ

February 15- Here is something I enjoyed looking at.  It's the portfolio of the director of this weeks Directions video.- CJ
Photo: Blast from the past.

February 14- Dick Chaney shot someone.  You know what that means... a damn good episode of the Daily Show.  You can even catch some clips on their website if you missed it.- CJ
Photo: Study

February 11- New content on Pavementtrout?  Seems crazy, I know, but it's coming.- CJ
Photo: Sidewalk

February 8- From what I hear, Andy Howell is originally from VB.  Skateboarding seems to breed some pretty good artists, so go check out his site, it will entertain you for a while.- CJ
Photo: Keys

February 6- I know I just posted about this, but there's nothin else goin on.  The video for "Summer Skin" is now playing on the DeathCab site, so go scope it.  I'm off to watch cartoons in Animation class.- CJ
Photo: House

February 4- If the weather is boring you, check out the DeathCab site.  They have an ongoing project called Directions, where 11 directors make short films based on a song from their new album, "Plans."  They put up a new video weekly.  This week is Cat Solen's film for "Soul Meets Body".  She also Directed the Bright Eyes video for "At the Bottom of Everything" which is one of my favorites.- CJ
Photo: Foliage

February 2- Tennskate is back from the dead, go check out their new montage, its quite good.  Solid GL2 colors.- CJ
Photos- Office, Parking Spot

January 30- Check out the garbage section of the site for Ipod downloads of all the PT issues.- CJ
Photo- Accident

January 29- Jerk alert! Check out this clip of Mike M stickin it to the man...or woman in this case.  And that is Kyle taking a beating.- CJ
Photo- Chrome

January 28- Don't kiss Tim Lamb, or you might get mono.  No one is more bummed than Mike B.  Off to Raleigh!- CJ
Photo- New Ride

January 27- I thought I noticed an excessive number of police cars around campus on my way to work today, turns out someone got shot in an ODU dorm last night.  The guy is fine, but the shooter is still on the loose.  Anyway, check out this photo of my roomies' cat.- CJ
Photo- Hobie

January 26- I was planning on calling our upcoming video "License To Thrill," but, unfortunately, it is already taken.  Back to the drawing board.- CJ
Photo- Snowplant

January 25- I'm not sure who made this page, but I killed a half hour watchin the videos.  Found it on SevenFiveSeven.org.- CJ
Photo- Fuel

January 22- Nick Flanders is back in action, ankle surgery wont hold him back from sick coping stalls at woodland skatepark.- CJ
Photo: Flick (Sheltoes photo)

January 20- Word on the street is that 11th hour is going to premier soon, get ready.- CJ
Photo- Falcon

January 19- Sam falls funny.  Watch.- CJ
Photo: Tweakage

January 18- Vafleezers has a new montage up, so surf on over and check it out.  Oh yeah, I'm pretty stoaked on this photo update too.- CJ
Photos: Red, 8, 2, Shucks.

January 17- Skating yesterday pretty much sucked, good ol Norfolk.- CJ
Photos- Duck Ramp, Drop In

January 16- I learned an important lesson last night.  Don't go riding street bikes around your friends back yard in the middle of the night after a day of rain.- CJ
Photos: Bike, Scene of the Accident, Carnage

January 15- The new Pig video "Slaughterhouse" is surprisingly good.  Just be ready for some gnarly punk action.- CJ
Photo- Snow

January 14- It was 70 yesterday, and it's supposed to snow tonight.  Gnarly.- CJ
Photo- Fence

January 13- The Trout has been a little boring lately with no new video content (due to our filming for a full length video) so.....New Idea!  Daily photos.  Hopefully I can keep up.  Scope the news daily for a new photo.- CJ
Today's Photo- Shelves

January 12- I've never heard of it being too humid to film....But it happened tonight, damn fog.- CJ

January 11- Monday in class I played with blocks, today I'm going to be making a collage.  School is hard.  Oh yeah, I got a new email adress too.- CJ

January 9- Here is an Ipod version of Issue 4, cus it's my second favorite.- CJ

January 8- Just my luck.  Now that I live 2 blocks from the tennis courts at ODU, you can't skate there anymore.  Cops cracked down hard.- CJ

January 7- What a coincidence, I posted up how bummed I was about Post22 being gone, and whamo, it's back!  Needless to say I'm pretty stoaked, and I'm pretty sure the site was resurrected due solely to my sorrow.  Well maybe not, but, it still rocks.  Go look at them new montages!- CJ

January 6- Fleezers.  Sketch.  Scope it.- CJ

January 4- I watched Carolina Love last night, and it just bummed me out, reminded me of the good ol' days of Post22.  No more post22.com, and no more Thrills video.  Hopefully this new Contrast video will fill the void.- CJ

December 31- Chances are you haven't heard of the new video "Reason to Believe."  I got a chance to watch it at work today and it was pretty damn good.  It features some black label riders and a few others, including a full part from Jamie Thomas.  More info available on the Faith Skate Supply site.- CJ

December 28- Happy birthday Flick Nanders!- CJ

December 27- Matthews and Tflow tell me Eleventh Hour is going to premier very soon.  Early January is what I'm told.  Exact date will be broadcast via smoke signals, so keep lookin up.- CJ

December 25- Sam wanted to have a PavementTrout secret santa.  Of course we didn't do it, but the picture he drew was pretty funny.- CJ

December 24- Our good friend and trout supporter Ed Pels took at nasty spill at Proam last night.  I think he spent the night in the hospital gettin his melon stitched up.  So good luck with the recovery Ed, and stop head butting concrete walls!- CJ

December 23- Welp, after fighting the crowds, my Christmas shopping is done.  Bonfire at my house tonight, who's comin?- CJ

December 21- The Cardinal Skate Shop video is premiering tomorrow (Thursday) night over in VB.  I don't know if I'm going to make the premier, but I'd definitely like to see the video.- CJ

December 20- Chess can be a potentialy hazardous sport.- CJ

December 18- Here is an Ipod version of Issue 6.  Cus Issue 6 is my favorite.  Just right click on that link and save it to your hard drive, then import it into Itunes and you should be good to go- CJ

December 17- John Waterfield got a cell phone!  He even tried to send me a text message, but he hasn't figured all that out yet.- CJ

December 15- Sam Horne owes me $120 million dollars.- CJ

December 13- Video Ipod's are too cool, I couldn't resist....Maybe I'll start offering Ipod version's of videos, what do you guys think?- CJ

December 12- Just one more final left before break!  At least they saved the hardest one for last.  Damn physics.- CJ

December 10- The results are in, the winner of the first annual Newport News Super Smash Brothers Tournament (NNSSBT) is Elliot Sheltoes Jr.  Brother of Nate Sheltoes.  Congratulations.- CJ

December 7- Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64 tournament at Phillip Adams house.  This Friday, 4pm.  Better bring your A game, cus NN is the biggest bunch of video game losers you've ever seen.  I'm betting on Sam Horne.- CJ

December 6- I've joined the working class again, only this time my job is way better than the pool.  Check out TotalVid.com, buy some videos and support my livelyhood.- CJ

December 5- John is such a sore loser.  Check out this email he sent me regarding yesterday's news post.- CJ

December 4- It's getting pretty ridiculous, but I won the game of SKATE again at proam.  Waterfield was pretty sore about me beating him in the finals, maybe one day you can beat me John...Keep practicing man.- CJ

December 3- Go the the Garbage section and check out the new park montage.  I think I've really outdone myself in terms of ridiculous music this time.  Enjoy.- CJ

December 2- For some reason, we always have some kind of contest when we get to a spot.  Tick tac races, powerslide contests, volleyball games...... Here is a recent powerslide contest, I think it's obvious that Sam won.- CJ

December 1- I'm pretty sure no one cares.  But, I finished my FG conversion.  So check it out, I'm riding fixed and brakeless, lets hope I don't die.- CJ

November 30- Head on over to the new AntiGravity site.  There will be a demo at the Rec Park in Williamsburg with Andy Mac this Saturday.  More info about that on the Anti site.- CJ

November 29- Some of you may know my friend Bubba, he doesn't skate, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make this post.  Look at this picture, the guy on the left stole Bubba's girlfriend...weak.- CJ

November 27- We filmed a few things in Raleigh yesterday, but Sam's falls really got us weak.- CJ

November 26- Somehow I managed to win the game of SKATE at proam last night.  So you know what that means....Gas money for today's Raleigh trip!- CJ

November 25- Mr. Miyagi of Karate Kid died yesterday....no one is taking it harder than Waterfield.- CJ

November 24- Happy Turkey Day everyone!  The new Anti-Gravity park is coming along good.  Thankfully, there will soon be a top notch skatepark in the area again.  The new place is huge and the plans look sick.  I am going to be heading up a new Anti-Gravity website that will have loads of information and other cool things about the park and the shop.  So keep an eye out for that in the near future.- CJ

November 23- I found this jacket at the Thrift Store today, and it screamed Sam Horne.  I just couldn't pass it up, happy birthday Sam.- CJ

November 22- Thanksgiving break!  Too bad the weather is crappy, but I guess its better than class.- CJ

November 20- Is' poll time again....The answer to last weeks poll was boardslide fakie, even though backflip woulda been way cooler.  Alright, we learned a lot of random facts about Waterfield this weekend, see if you can pick out which one isn't true.- CJ

November 19- Brrrrrrrr.  It was 29 degrees this morning, that's way too cold.  But no one gets up before 12 anymore so I'm the only one who knows.- CJ 

November 17- Well it's that time of year again...time to register for classes.  What fun.  I'm counting down the minutes til my registration begins.- CJ

November 15- I wish I could say this is a picture of Mike B about to kiss a really ugly chick...but I can't, cus it's a dude.  The stories are true, Mike kisses dudes.  Don't let this happen when you go to college kids.- CJ

November 15- My first roll of 16mm film is out at the lab right now.  Does anyone in the area have a 16mm projector?  Cus being able to watch it before I send it back out to get transferred would be grand.  Email me if you can help.  Thanks.- CJ

November 13- We didn't make it to France this weekend...or Raleigh for that matter.  So we had to settle for a late night Richmond trip which didn't turn out so bad.- CJ

November 11- Looks like my luck ran out tonight in the proam game of skate, oh well.  Sam wants to go skate France this weekend, but I'm just hoping we will go to Raleigh.- CJ

November 9- Holy Fleezer.  That's right, Vafleezers is back up and running, so head on over there and check out the teaser for their new video cus it looks sick.- CJ

November 8- Our skate session last night ended up in Walmart, where me and Sam hung out til 1am....I'm not sure why.- CJ

November 6- There's been a lot of internet buzz about Mike B doing a handrail...so lets add some more fun.  Watch this clip, then go here to vote on what you think Mike was trying.- CJ

November 6- We spent the weekend up in Richmond....it was a pretty fun time, plus Mike Brown did a handrail!!- CJ

November 4- Guess who won the game of skate at proam last night......ME! haha.  Anyway, we are off to Richmond for a weekend of shreddin.- CJ

November 3- The new trout is done!  Bubba ended up doing most of the work cus my html skills suck.  Anyway, navigating the site is pretty much the same, only you have to click the titles rather than pictures over in the media section.  Don't forget to save those videos!- CJ

November 3- Our late night session have been getting out of control lately, it's 5am and I'm just now getting home.  Too bad we didn't get anything on film.- CJ

November 2- I'm working on a new layout for the site, but I've been pretty busy lately between school, filming/skating, and serving the community.  With luck, I'll have it up by the weekend.- CJ

October 31- Unfortunately, we spent the day in Williamsburg yesterday.  But I learned a few things; tricks don't deserve treats, Ben really likes to wax, and Tommy really really likes paper towel dispensers.- CJ

October 30- Don't forget to set your clocks back.  Gotta love the time change, now it gets dark at 5:30!- CJ

October 29- There is something about making park montages with ridiculous songs that really makes my day.  So go click on garbage and download the latest.- CJ

October 27- Local photographer Howard Tarpey has a new site up with plenty of sick photos.  So go over and check it out.- CJ

October 26- Tim Lamb has a lazy eye.- CJ

October 25- I got a parking ticket at ODU yesterday, and I go there!  I am always getting in trouble with the law.  Speaking of which, I need to do some community service for my Western Branch tickets.  Anyone know any good places?- CJ

October 24- Check out this clip of Sam and his new friend.  If Sam were a little more emo, I wouldn't be able to tell these two apart.- CJ

October 22- Don't go to fort story, cus the dang military police will try to arrest you.  Even if you aren't skating.- CJ

October 20- Well its supposed to rain all weekend.  But the good news is Sam Horne has started a band, and I am in it...we are gonna rock.- CJ

October 17- Woodland skatepark is officially dead, the last rail broke today.  So unless you like tiny mini ramps and biker box jumps, there's nothing left. RIP woodland.- CJ

October 16- I' a waste of space, I know.  I went surfing all weekend and didn't do much of anything else.  Site updates shall resume now.- CJ

October 13- Trout groupie of the week.- CJ

October 11- If you'd like to read a blog that is much more interesting than mine, check out Templeton's "Mostly Skateboarding" blog.  Tons of links to keep you entertained.- CJ

October 10- We managed to escape the rain today up in Richmond.  Thank God, cus we got sick footy like this.  Now that is teamwork.- CJ

October 8- My cat has a myspace account....what is the world coming to.- CJ

October 6- Yesterday in class I watched a short 52 second film of two retarded people making out.  It was filmed with the first motion picture camera ever made.  Now that's education.- CJ

October 5- Nate "Sheltoes" Shelton has challenged me to a bike race.  Loser has to make out with Mike Brown.  He's goin down!- CJ

October 4- Check out my new 16mm camera.  Hooray for film.- CJ

October 2- Don't let Tim film your gnarly downhill lines.  I got lucky this time, but lets just say I won't make that mistake again.- CJ

September 30- Sam Horne has found his calling in life.....internet giveaway contests.  He just won another one and is getting some shoes and gear from vans I believe.  Weirdo.- CJ

September 29- Well the Trout has a new hosting plan that is costing me some dough.  So if anyone is interested in sponsoring the site or advertising on the site, please email me.- CJ

September 27-  I can't hold this news back any longer.....Mike Brown kissed a dude!- CJ

September 26- Possible video names so far. "Stairs, Rails, and Puppy Dog Tails", "Nerd Herd", "FRANK".  Needless to say we have some thinking to do.- CJ

September 25- We went to Richmond today.  A lot of people fell, but some people landed stuff, it was fun. The End.- CJ

September 22- Brad Bentz is moving out and his ferret needs a new home.  So if anyone wants a ferret (not just any ferret, Brad Bentz! ferret) just email me.- CJ

September 21- Well I really don't have much to say, other than I'm sick and it sucks.- CJ

September 18- Word on the street is that Sam knocked some kid down and then did a hardflip over him!  What a jerk!- CJ

September 17- Our court case made the paper!  We even got a super lame title, that matches the lame content.  The good news is we don't have to pay any fines, just 10 hours of community service and the charges will be dropped.- CJ

September 15- Check out the garbage section for a new park montage!  Well we have to go to court tomorrow for out Western Branch tickets, lets hope we get a cool judge.- CJ

September 14- Tim "Sally" Lamb got his license today.  Maybe now he will be able to stay out past 9:30 on the weekends, but I doubt it.- CJ

September 13- Sam Horne just text messaged me....what is the world coming to.  Next thing you know Waterfield will get a cell phone (unlikely).- CJ

September 11- Check out my latest super 8 find.  I got some film comin back so look out for some gay artsy montages in the future.- CJ

September 9- Its 2am and I'm just finishing up my homework, man I am glad to be back in school.- CJ

September 7- Go to Skateboarding.com and watch Brad eat shit in the ol Wednesday woe.- CJ

September 6- Me and Sam are makin a sweet biking video.....just wait.- CJ

September 5- We managed to skate ODU tonight without getting the boot, we even had a big crew, now that's pretty nuts.  I can kinda walk now, so hopefully this foot thing won't take forever to heal.- CJ

September 3- Its 3am, we just got home from Richmond, I left my car in Norfolk, I had to go to the hospital to get my dislocated toe re-located.  Least it wasn't broken. And then Waterfield made me film him for like an hour after we left the hospital.  Overall it was a good trip.- CJ

September 2- Well I missed the exact date, but the trout is 4 months old, horay!- CJ

August 31- Happy birthday Waterfield!  John is 23 today, what an old basterd.  I remember hearing weird rumors back in the day that John was like 30 something.  So hey John, look at the bright side,  at least you aren't 30.- CJ

August 30- VaFleezers has a new montage up!  It was worth the wait cus it's damn gnarly.  So go over there and watch it before their site gets shut down.- CJ

August 30- Back to school! Done with work! Man life rules.  Speakin of school, ODU has quite a hand full of rippers these days.  Me, Mike M, Mike B, Charlie, and Waterfield are all students this year, not to mention all those cool kids that ride around on long boards in flip flops.- CJ

August 28- Everyone bailed on our Richmond trip this weekend, so Sam and I ended up skating a wallride in NN, talk about a wasted Sunday.- CJ

August 27- New montage up in garbage, cus Sam is impatient....Enjoy- CJ

August 25- Check out the garbage section, got a little somethin new in there.- CJ

August 24- Well since school is about to start, I decided I should look like a respectable human being.... goodbye mohawk.- CJ

August 23- I just bet Mike M 20 bucks he can't varial flip 50-50 wooden 8.  That is money in the bank right there.- CJ

August 22- Well I officially got my first board to lens contact tonight, and it was really scary.  Hell I was scared watchin the footage afterward.  But after I cleaned a smudge of paint off the glass it was lookin fresh as always.- CJ

August 21- Congrats to Mike Matthews on being the newest Banzai team member.  He deserves it.  In other news, it looks like I am no longer riding for Anti-Gravity.  Its kinda weak that Jed wouldn't tell me himself, but hey, what can ya do.  I guess I'm just not rasta enough.- CJ

August 19- People at Nike have too much time on their hands.  Oh yeah and check out the new section of the site, should be fun.- CJ

August 18- Waterfield can skate and be a board catcher all at the same time.  He's good like that.- CJ

August 16- My desk looks pretty out of control with computers these days.  Some might say I'm a loser...and I'll agree.  Here is my newest edition, this one is strictly for the new video.- CJ

August 15- Lack of update-age.  Sorry guys, I've been busy, workin, surfin, filmin, buyin shit.  But yeah, new vid is already coming along.  Waterfield just gave me enough footage to make 4 videos of himself only, I don't even know where it all came from, but I'll take it.- CJ

August 12- There is some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that things will be slowing down around PavementTrout for a bit.  But the good news is we are making a video.  It will be a while, but it will be worth the wait.  In the mean time, I will still update the site regularly with photos and park montages and all kinds of other good stuff.  But we will be holding onto the hammers for the vid.  Stay tuned.- CJ

August 10- Well I was flippin through the new Transworld mag and what do ya know, local shredder Pat Burke.  He has a check out with a sequence of a pretty sick varial heel.- CJ

August 9- Everyone was getting gnarly this weekend, even tech skaters like Bdunn.  He woulda had this if it wasn't for a tweaked knee.- CJ

August 8- Mike B can make friends anywhere, black people love him for some reason.  Apparently rednecks do too, here he is with a new friend he made while camping in NC.- CJ

August 8- Sam Horne finally learned one of the most important rules of skateboarding... Don't bitch.  It's payin off for him too.- CJ

August 7- Check out the latest addition to my filming setup.  Thanks to Joey from Richmond for hookin me up.- CJ

August 6- Mike M and the 11th hour gang made a trip to Raleigh yesterday.  I haven't heard whether they made it back alive or not, but I bet they got some footage.- CJ

August 4- Don't go to Western Branch, you might get a couple of these... Unless you are Sam, then you might slip away unnoticed.... Oh yeah, enjoy Issue 6.- CJ

August 3- Mike M and Tflow are hard at work filming for their video, "11th Hour."  It is due out on 11/11, isn't that clever.  So watch the promo, and get ready for one hardXcore video.- CJ

August 3- Work, skate, sleep...repeat.  I guess the redundant formula is paying off, because Issue 6 is about finished, so look out.- CJ

August 1- Despite the rain yesterday, we decided to head out to Richmond and ended up having a pretty good time.  Sam even quit his job so he could come....it almost paid off.- CJ

July 29- Don't let Waterfield borrow your board.  He will chip the nose and break the tail, Mike B learned the hard way.- CJ

July 26- It's official, the Trout is 3 months old.  I'm pretty happy with our rate of production so far, hopefully we can keep it up.- CJ

July 25- If you haven't seen Transworld's latest video "First Love," then you are missing out.  Leo has an awsome part as does the rest of the cast, so check it out.- CJ

July 24- Tegan and Sara's, "Walking With a Ghost" was used in Issue 5.  Go buy a CD.- CJ 

July 22- The amount of fun we had skating last night is best described by this clip.- CJ

July 21- Getting camera equipment is often a hassle.  I ordered a light from Adorama.com and it was broken when it arrived at my house.  Now I have to pay to ship that heavy ass package back to them so I can get a refund.  I think I will be looking for a new company to order from.- CJ

July 20- It's come to my attention that the date on my computer is wrong, which explains my whacky daily updates lately.  Anyway, we've already started getting gnarly for the next issue, even Mike B.- CJ

July 20- Issue 5 is done! Watch it and laugh when I fall going really fast.- CJ

July 18- I wish I could be more like Mike Matthews.  Quit my job, skate all day, have no responsibilities or obligations and still be able to afford an apartment.  I could just go out and buy Blondie shirts all day.- CJ

July 16- Updates are slow, and I apologize, but Issue 5 will be up sometime in the beginning of the week so get ready.- CJ

July 14- Charlie thought he could early grab the downtown 9 first try, I didn't.  A five dollar bet was placed and lets just say....I am now 5 dollars richer.  He ended up doing it anyway, now that's dedication.- CJ

July 13- Rain is killer these days, but Issue 5 is almost done.  So go skate a park or something.- CJ

July 11- I'm feeling older by the minute.  I got a credit card today, that's scary right there.- CJ

July 10- It seems like my Sundays are pretty much strictly dedicated to Richmond trips now.  But I could think of worse things....like tearing your spleen trying to front board a 15 stair.- CJ

July 9- I finally got Slagoe's new gallery up, and I must say, it's pretty damn good.  So go look at it and show your dog too.- CJ

July 8- Yeah I know, Issue 5 is taking us a while, but just be patient it will be good.  In the mean time here is a shitty park video to keep you guys happy.- CJ

July 6- The new skate plaza is open for shredding in Ohio.  There is some sick footage from opening day on DC films.  So since we don't have any new footage, go watch theirs.- CJ

July 5- I love getting E-mail from Waterfield.  Here are his thoughts on aging. CJ

July 4- Paolo showed me this yesterday, I got a good laugh out of it. Check it.- CJ

July 3- Today is my birthday!  I'm officially old and washed up, I'm 20.- CJ

July 1- I am ashamed to say it, but I went and saw Lords of Dogtown last night.  Anyway, it was about what I expected, not great.  Don Nguyen had one line in the movie, but it might have been the funniest part.- CJ

June 30- Mike B called me at 2a.m.  last night to tell me he got a mullet, needless to say he was hyped.  Look for mullet footage in Issue 5.- CJ

June 29- Well Paolo got his toe re-located, if that's even a word.  At least it wasn't broken or anything.- CJ

June 28- I like thunderstorms....Off to WISC for some indoor shreddin.- CJ

June 27- You know you have a strong board when Kyle can't focus it.- CJ

June 26- Just got back from a good ol Richmond trip.  It was pretty fun and we got some footy too.  Only bad thing is Paolo broke/dislocated his toe.  So don't skate Rowley 1's.- CJ

June 25- Two updates in one day? Trust me its well worth it.  Tflow has way too much time on his hands, and mental problems, here is proof.- CJ

June 25- I suppose we are filming for Issue 5 now, we are headin up to Richmond tonight so hopefully we can get some footy.- CJ

June 24- If you didn't already know, Tilly and the Wall is cool.  Their song "You and I Misbehaving" was used in Issue 4, so go check them out and buy their cd.- CJ

June 23- Well I'm back in good ol Hampton.  So you know what that means, back to daily updates and shreddin.- CJ

June 21- Man this is the longest I've ever gone without updating...crazy.  But yeah I'm still on vacation down in the outer banks.  Mike Matthews hates surfing, so here is a picture of me to piss him off.- CJ

June 18- I am leaving to go to the beach in a couple hours.  So this means there will be a severe lack of updates this week.  I apologize in advance.- CJ

June 16- Man we have really been having some shitty seshions the past few nights, oh well.  At least im goin on vacation next week.- CJ

June 15- Waterfield couldn't live up to his E-mail, but I must say he gave it his all.- CJ

June 14- Read this E-mail I got from Waterfield.  It made me laugh.  Who uses E-mail anyway, live in the now, get AIM John, and a cell phone while you are at it.- CJ

June 13- Issue 4 is done, and even Brandon Hobbs has footy.  So go watch it!- CJ

June 11- 13.5 hour work days suck....back to the grind- CJ

June 10- "Did Rocky give up after Apollo knocked him down for the third time...NO, now get up and do it"- words of encouragement from John Waterfield- CJ

June 9- "Good News" is still in demand from what I hear.  I'm about to drop off 10 fresh copies at Mike's Surf Shop in Hampton.  So if you haven't seen the video, go pick one up or just email me.- CJ

June 8- It looks like my super 8 camera finally crapped out for good.  Time to hit the Phoebus antique store circuit and look for a new one.- CJ

June 7- You know your session sucked when Mike B gets the hammer of the night.  Just kidding Mike.- CJ

June 5- The Suffolk rail isn't gone yet, but it looks like they are getting pretty close to tearin it down.  Bummer- CJ

June 4- I just got back from an intense all day surf sesh down on the outer banks, that explains the lack of updates.  But hopefully I'll have something important to say after we shred tomorrow.- CJ

June 2- Well issue 4 is underway, there should also be another profile comin up too, Aden and Shane will have to battle it out for that one.- CJ

June 1- I Had a long day of work yesterday followed by a long night of shreddin, so that explains the lack of update.  Anyhow, Waterfield has departed on an Atlanta trip with Jed and Brian from Banzai, hopefully he will bring back some footage.- CJ

May 30- Mike M wants to go skating today, what an event!  I thought he quit after finishing his profile.- CJ

May 29- Had a little fun with frame mode on my camera yesterday, check it.  For now its back to watchin the Law and Order marathon.- CJ

May 28- It may be hard to believe, but the Trout just celebrated its one month anniversary, although it seems like longer.  I hope we can keep the rapid content pace up, but I wont promise anything.- CJ

May 27- Well after an all day rail sesh yesterday, Issue 3 is ready! Enjoy- CJ

May 26- This news is pretty late, but for those of you who don't know, Mitch Hedberg died.  He was one of the funniest comics I've ever heard.  If you're not familiar you can go to his website and listen to some of his jokes, you will laugh I promise.- CJ

May 25-Rain rocks...sike.  Bad weather has been preventing filming lately, but well get back on it soon I suspect.- CJ

May 24- Incase you haven't noticed, the Walker Texas Ranger lever is making a comeback on Conan.  No one is happier than me.- CJ

May 23- "Ghosts in the Radio" by Pretty Girls Make Graves was featured in Issue 2, so go to their site and check them out.- CJ

May 22- Well I missed my first daily update, but I guess that's what employment will do to you.  Issue 3 is well underway so stay tuned.- CJ

May 20- Banzai is working on a new site layout, but you can check out the old one which is equally awsome.  They've been holding it down out of Richmond for a good while now.  They also sponsor Trout regular John Waterfield.  So check them out.- CJ

May 19- It has become clear that I have way too much time on my hands now that school is out.  So check out this little video of a shitty day in the life of Mike B.- CJ

May 18- Sorry for the late update, but Mike B made me pick him up from school and drive him to Suffolk so he could bitch for 2 hours.  If you see him, tell him he sucks.- CJ

May 17- If you haven't seen the new DC commercial then you are missin out.  It's pretty amazing and quite funny.  You can see some of the madness on the DC Site under "Hoops at the TF."- CJ

May 16- A shitty day in Mike Brown's life....coming soon- CJ

May 15- Well Nick made it through his ankle surgery alive.  He hopes to be back skatin again by late June.- CJ

May14- Issue 2 is up, tell your dog.- CJ

May 13- Minus the Bear's "Dog Park" was rockin your socks in Mike M's profile.  So go check them out cus the rule.- CJ

May 12- Check out Mike B's first sesh at this gap.- CJ

May 11- Nick Flanders is getting ankle surgery today.  He hasn't had any footage on the site because of a bad streak of injuries, but those of you who have seen Good News know he can rip.  So hopefully he will get back to 100% soon.  Good luck Nick.- CJ

May 11- Mike M's profile is up! Issue 2 is nearing completion as well, so be ready.- CJ

May 10- After a long day of surfing I managed to make it to a Winn Dixie sesh.  A lot of almost's .... there is always tomorrow- CJ

May 9- Mike M is done filming for his profile, so look out for his interview and video part in the near future.- CJ

May 8- Well it's about 3am and I am just getting back from an adventurous Raleigh trip.  Our navigational skills could use some work, but we made it home alive with a few tricks on film.- CJ

May 6- Mike M wants to use this in his video part... But he also listens to Fall Out Boy, so we can only take his opinions but so seriously.- CJ

May 5- Check out more music from The Go Team.  Their song "Huddle Formation" was used in Issue 1.- CJ

May 4- Schools out for the summer! Waterfield, Mike M and I celebrated with a long hard day of shreddin.  Water must have been a little mad after Mike and I kept bothering him while he was taking his finance exam.  He later got his revenge.- CJ

May 3- Must have not been paying attention when i updated earlier, but i fixed the link on the Bright Eyes song so go check it out.- CJ

May 3- I randomly caught a Bright Eyes performance on Leno last night. To my surprise is was of "When the President Talks to God." It wasn't as good as when I saw it in person but still good, download it for free on I-Tunes here. Oh and all you George W. supporters might want to stay away from this one.- CJ

May 2- Shelltoes may not believe it, but my new hair-do is super sick.  Thanks Jaci.- CJ

May 1- Well I just checked on the stats for the site and I was pretty amazed.  Thanks to everyone for visiting and keep it up.  More content is on the way.....as soon as finals are over we will be back in full swing- CJ

April 30- Mike Matthews is hard at work filming for his profile.  He even managed a late night WB session last night while he was completely wasted!(only joking Mike)- CJ

April 29- Well it looks like someone who knows html got a hold of the site.  Things should work right for everyone now (no more overlapping text or anything like that).  So thanks to "Blockheads" over at the Perception Boards. -CJ

April 28- Well Mike Matthews was so hyped after seeing Mike B's profile...He wants his own now, so look out for that one in a week or so....more content on the way. -CJ

April 27- You know all those bike builder shows on TV now a days?  Well I just saw one that I really liked.  Well shot and edited in my opinion.  Look for it on the speed channel, "Build or Bust"-CJ

April 27- Check out the new gallery with photos from Adam Slagle.  Keep an eye out for a Mike Brown profile comin up too. -CJ

April 26- Hello all, I finally got this place up and running.  I know it looks a little scarce right now, but don't worry, there is plenty more content on the way, hope you guys enjoy it.  Check back for daily updates- CJ